Friday, January 30, 2009

What? Wine...Me?

I'm new to wine...I got some left overs from a "wines from around the world wine tasting" (that I'm now kicking myself that I didn't go to.) So there was about a 1/16 of a bottle left and a friend (another dry lover-Thanks Angi!) held others back, stuck this tiny bit in her purse and said try this...well, blow me down. I. Now. Like. Wine.
No. I mean: I REALLY like wine.
So much that I went out and bought my own bottle.

From the vineyards of Conde de Valdemar, a Crianza 2004 vintage, from tempranillo grapes in Spain. As always dry, dry, dry. We had this with pasta alfredo and Mmmmm. Near perfect, a little overpowering for the alfredo.... Then I tried it with an almond biscotti and WOW! Definitely perfect! It would go good with BOLD meals....Hmmmmm... something spicey with tomatoes.

Is it wrong to fix meals to go with a wine...?

No. I think not. I think it is just like making a necklace and then needing to find clothes to go with it. And that is just fine in my book.

OH! Check out the fabulous wine glass I bought from Water Street Glassworks in the Arts District of Benton Harbor... Just look at that stem it is HOLLOW! Blown by the fabulous Becky Wehmer.

Now all is complete.

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