Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One for the road

We are getting to go on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to St John Island in the USVI. I actually won the grand prize drawing that St Joe Today had last winter, it was a gift certificate through Signal Travel and we could choose any place we wanted...back in July last year we thought "Boy it might be nice to go some place warm in the winter" And have we gotten a winter this year....piles and piles of winter. So fast forward to this Saturday we will be winging our way from K-zoo to Chicago to San Juan to St Thomas, then we will take a ferry to St John where we will stay at Maho Bay Camps. Prepare yourself for images of tourquoise water, white sand, snorkeling and rum punch!

On my last day in the studio before we head out I wanted to finish up one more Beach Stone Necklace. This one is long, 30 inches, it slips easily over my head and hangs just right, giving little peaks of the cut-away back as I walk.

I found this beach stone a couple years ago, it's one with a tiny hole only part-way through it, it's not a semetrical hole so it wasn't made from a swirling little drilling stone stuck in it like so many I find. It's black like a chunk of charcoal with a nice stippled-like texture, the curves are very's been tumbled a long, long time.

Check back around Valentines Day I logged a special V-Day Happy Hour post.

Have a great 2 weeks!

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nancyrosetta said...

Vicki, I envy you! We've had much too much winter here as well.
Have a wonderful time on the island!

Nice new necklace, too!