Friday, January 2, 2009

Beachglass Necklace

This is the other commission piece I worked on for my friend Bob. This one is made up of 10 pieces of Lake Michigan beach glass that he and his wife Janet found together over the years. I sorted through hundreds of pieces of their collection and came up with a couple of stunning combinations of colors and shapes. Bob settled on the deepest blues and greens arrangement with the lone red piece from their entire collection on the clasp.

The sterling backs are all cut away so that the light shining through can show off these brilliant colors. The silver is heavily textured with hammered in coarse sand. I formed the chain links so they would mimic the shapes of the glass.

It lays beautifully from collar bone to collar bone.

Here it is with light through the back.

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nancyrosetta said...

Vicki, this is just gorgeous!
Amazing actually. I am in awe.


I am not worthy!

ami said...

This turns beach glass into gemstones! great idea about the chain links matching the shapes of glass links! just gorgeous.