Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Hour Absinthe

I received this as a special holiday pressie. At first I wasn't too sure about it because it smells just like Jagermeister *yuck-pitooey* but it doesn't taste like it...much more subtle, anise, fennel, has a light feel in your mouth.

I really like how I get to add the amount of sweetness according to my tastes. I like dry and bitter over sticky and sweet any happy hour.

Plus there is this entire ritual to it: measure the liquor, balance the slotted spoon, rest a sugar cube on it, slowly drip ice cold water over the sugar cube until the absinthe "louches". Once it is all completely cloudy it's ready for sipping.

And nope, no hallucinations. Not a single one.

You can read about it at Wikipedia

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ami said...

mmmm love absinthe.