Thursday, July 30, 2009

Distraught enough to Blog about it....

To the untrained eye this looks like a lovely bottle of wine, but for the more observant readers, it is a minor tragedy.

Cork broke :-( Poor little nub (see the floater?) liked the wine sooooo much it stayed behind. Instead of you-Googling "how to remove a broken cork from wine bottle" I pushed it in with a knife... so wine, under pressure, shot all over. I didn't have an apron on. I did have a white shirt on. (and *ding-ding-ding* an experimental necklace that was not affected at all)

It didn't stop me from enjoying this lovely Cabernet Sauvignon from the Round Barn Winery in Baroda, Michigan. It is nice and dry, not very oak-y. I like dry and I like oak-y. So, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best thing to cross my lips this millennium, I give it a 5. That's pretty good considering what it did to my shirt.*

*The stain was not taken into account during the scoring process.
**Please note I'm taking literary license with the word distraught. This was a minor stain, that if it doesn't come out I'm thinking of dunking the entire shirt in wine, because it's actually quite a lovely color. All in all if this is the worst life hands me today, I'll take it.
Squirting wine and all.



Vicki said...

Hahahaha! this makes me snort-laugh still!

Hector and Smith glass said...

that was today!!! i saw that outfit (teehee) and thought to myself how does she manage to keep that so white!!!! you are a "red jewel"

ami said...

I was totally thinking to just dye the shirt...michigan red...lovely!