Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is that thunder I hear?

I've been getting ready for another Very Big Show. It's a (nearly) week-long event at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival between Hart and Ludington, Michigan. This is a Womyn only event, where they serve us 3 vegetarian meals a day, have several large tents for getting out of the elements and live music is played from dawn until way past dark. Plus I will be there showing (and selling) my jewelry. Should be a guaranteed good time! Check out the site for more information on other going's on there. I was going to go even if I didn't get in to sell my work.

If you happen to come, stop by my booth, introduce yourself, it would be lovely.

Now that my computer data loss has been resolved (thank the gods for backups and yes, I also floss) I should be able to start posting new images again...when I get some that is...I have been hammering up a storm of jewelry.

A storm I tell ya!

1 comment:

ami said...

*sigh* all is right in the world...

this show sounds amazing, wish I was just a bit closer.

Best of luck!