Friday, September 25, 2009

Essay: What I did on my summer vacation....

Hmmmmmm so ok it's not really an essay maybe a photo essay....

There was bicycling:
Jewelry making:

Bench sitting:
Napkin/Coaster stacking competitions:
Beer tasting:
More bicycling:
More beer tasting:

Sheep scratching:
Turkey conferences:
More bicycling:
Early morning 1 mile swims:
Kite flying:

More bicycling:
Beach hiking:
Museum visiting:

Getting threatened with a cudgel:

Lots of kayaking:
More camping:
Water gardening:

Seeing our eldest off to South Korea:
Hanging out with my parents:

Necklace I'm wearing:
Playing around with simply hung pieces:
Acquired a summer intern...actually 2!
Wrapped piles of beach glass:
Caged some stones:

Watched some comets:
After all that riding there was some bike repairing:
Phew, there were miles and miles of bike riding...I think I heard Ben say that he hit'm good with my 100 or so. Leaves time for more hammering.

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