Sunday, November 9, 2008

Recipe for Happiness

My friend and woodworker Carl from the Co-op brought me three (!!!) large stumps for all my hammery work. They weigh near 100 pounds and he hauled them out of the truck...

Took a chainsaw to them in three places so they do not wobble...(I wonder what folks in downtown Benton Harbor thought of the sound of a chainsaw early on a Sunday morning...hmmmm)

He even hauled them into my studio...*phew* They are solid and I love, love, love working on them! That picture up there is just sooooo cute it's like my little old stump is looking up to her big sister.

Check this out! They even have some beautiful lichens growing on the sides, my studio smells like the deep forest now...Nice.
Thanks again Carl!


nancyrosetta said...

Wow Vicki!
Triple score! I covet your 100lb stumps!

Vicki said...

I'm such a lucky girl. Now come play with me!

ami said...

now that is a good friend!
I am so happy for you in your studio!