Saturday, November 1, 2008

An idea that just came to me

This is a bracelet that I made from felted sweaters, copper and sterling. I made one for myself and it wears very nicely, seems to be pretty durable too. I have a friend that has studied fibers for many, many years and she says "Well, of course it's durable" I guess that's the nature of felted knit.

It all started with a pile of wool sweaters that were too worn in places to wear anymore. I washed them in the washer and dried them in the dryer and they shrunk up into beautiful, very dense felt

Next I cut out and sanded several copper disks, marked their centers and drilled a few holes in each

All clamped up in my bending break and ready to bend

Nice clean, straight bend

Add copper headpins

Cut squares of felt larger than the disks

Thread the squares onto the headpins one layer at a time

Push the felt down into the fold and twist the headpin wires to hold the felt

Clip the end of the wires way down inside

Trim away all extra felt

Bunches of felt tacos! Ha!


ami said...

oh my! somehow I decided they were three sided copper that you covered with felt. I thought the felt was multicolored.
This method is more amazing, and quite creative! You sheared it to make that Just wow.

Vicki said...

Thanks Ami! Yup sheared the next idea in my head is to sculpt it by shearing, ripples on the water sort of idea. Something large, maybe too large for jewelry...we'll see.

ami said...

oh can't wait for that one!

Susan Dilger said...

OMG!!!! THESE ARE FABULOUS! What a clever idea, and thanks for sharing your process. I made some tote bags from old (felted) sweaters that I got at the second hand store a few years ago. I LOVE incorporating them into jewelry! Congrats on getting in the show!!