Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moved in

Studio Dog is moved in.

I can't believe I have all this room.

This desk is the workspace I had to work on before.
I'm a lucky girl.


Sarah said...

Wow Mom! It looks great!!!
I love the contrast in the plum half circles and the green.

My favorite photo is of the studio dog though.. She looks nice and comfortable. Everyone should have a little brown dog for their studio!

nancyrosetta said...

Your space looks awesome! Who knew Miss Tints could come up with a color combination like that. I think it looks faboo. And all that incredible work space and are going to be a very productive lady, I know it! (Im jealous)

Nancy :)

ami said...

yay, I like studio dog best!
and I agree, that is not crimson, but plum!
wonderful space!

Vicki said...

Thanks guys! It's real nice having Pips to keep me company, she makes me take breaks. Lots of breaks.