Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the works....

I've been making some lovely sterling, brass and copper riveted earrings.
Lots of sawing and filing.

Some sanding and drilling

One rivet is set

All 3 rivets set, those in the middle are extras.

I like to have piles of my own little rivets on hand. I use them so many times just for ornamentation but other times for lovely little connectors. These rivets do both, they hold all the layers together and they add a nice dimension. I love rivets!

There, now the world knows all about my rivety love.


nancyrosetta said...

Lovely earrings!
I love the pictures of them in progress, I can't wait to see the finished pieces!

I've been riveting up a storm, just flat wire rivets.
You have inspired me to try some rounded rivets, I hope I can do them! I'm gonna try tomorrow.

ami said...

oooh I am gonna need to try rivets!

haahaa rivety love!!! Does DH know?

Vicki said...

You two should definitely try 'em!

I caught him peeking at my blog just his evening so if he didn't know before...he knows now.