Friday, December 4, 2009

New Website

Hurray! I bought a wonderful gift for my studio VCMetalworks, it's a new website!

The fabulous web designer Lynne Tan of designed it for me based off the outstanding business cards she designed (one of the eleven is up there^). I love it, so easy to use, lovely to look at and ready to expand if I ever need. Lynne really held my hand all the way through the site creation process, I had no idea what I wanted, was pretty intimidated about the entire process and she helped me find my way along an easy path.

Thanks Lynne! You really truly are the best!

Feel free to bookmark it, pass it on to friends and check back regularly for new information.

And have no fear if you lose the link, I've added a direct link to the site over there on the right.


Maggie said...

It's a gorgeous site Vicki, next step; a gallery of your beautiful work!

ami said...

This website is amazing. Fit for your work!

Prica Vassão said...

Hi Vicky! The website looks gorgeous! I just wanted to see a little more of your work... how about a gallery section?
Always a fan, Priscilla Vassão

Vicki said...

Thanks you all! I'm very pleased too. A gallery is in my future plans ;-)

Oh gosh Priscilla! You got it backwards--I thought I was your fan! :)

Sherri said...

Vicki, thanks for sharing your news. The web site is awesome. Congrats. Love your pieces, wishing you much success.
Sherri B.