Friday, December 19, 2008

Golden Knots Workshop

Long radio silence here, 'tis the season!

In early November I was able to take a workshop at Krasl Art Center with Loren Damewood of Golden Knots. I was thrilled, I've been wanting to take a class from him for several years but just never worked out...this time he was going to be teaching in Chicago, I was going to head over to take it but I had already committed to teaching then. Rats! I talked to our education director Julia Gourley and she was more than willing to host him at Krasl if he was willing to come. Can't hurt to email him and ask so I did, he was happy to swing by before going on to Chicago, we worked to find enough folks to take the class and BAM I was set! Not only that, but it was during the Holly Market Sale at the art center and they invited Loren to bring and sell some of his finished jewelry, there were many, many happy women wearing some of his lovely rings and bracelets. Good for all!

First thing in the morning, Loren started us out making the Prolong Knot cuffs.

In the afternoon we started working on Turk's Head knot rings, I made one during the class and have worked on several more (between commissions) since then. I feel like I am getting the hang of it. It's a bit tricky to take a single strand of wire and turn it into something like these. A few of them didn't come out this nice...but I won't show those knots.

Just these.

It's going to be a nice holiday here, my gifts are all done. *wink wink*Are yours?

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