Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Trial Run

I'm always disappointed when I come to the end of a sketch book, I know that I will carry around TWO sketchbooks for months, flipping back and forth between them, looking for that one design I sketched last month or notes I wrote on that forging technique I was playing around with...when WAS that? Flip, flip, flip. I don't tear pages out, I did that once and LOST several brilliant pages. Brilliant I tell you. Who knows now, they are gone, gone, gone.

I decided to search for refillable sketchbooks, you know, open the binder take out the not so good ones, sort them, organize them, put in some fresh paper, and go. Needs to be 8.5x5.5" Yup, I'm particular about some things, not too big, not too small, juuuuuuuuust right, fits in my bag, on the tray in my car, doesn't crowd my workbench. AND it needed to look good. AND be sturdy. I didn't find any that fit.

So I made one. Covered it with metal sketches...And then I made another one. And another. And... And now I need to get pictures.

Or you could go to Chartreuse Arts Co-operative Gallery and see some first hand.

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Maggie said...

YES! Pictures is what we need!