Friday, February 12, 2010

Head Down

That's the way I feel like I've been working. Like a draft horse pulling along.

So I rewarded myself with some play time and made some of these. They aren't carrots but oh what a well deserved treat.

LOOK at that color! Just a propane torch and water did that to the copper. And the shape! Incredibly organic. Charles Lewton-Brain developed/progressed fold forming techniques several years ago and I'm just getting around to trying out some of the forms.

I want to forge some more until they completely curl around to make a hoop...or a spiral. But first I must get back to my chores...because that is going to be my reward after I finish my next task.


knitsteel said...

They look so natural and the heat patina is lovely.

Vicki said...

Thanks Kirsten! You should see the itty-bitty ones I made today...smaller than my thumbnail!

ami said...

oh can't wait to see what those teeny ones turn into!