Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prototype shape

I made these yesterday during open studio at Krasl. It's an idea I dug out of a year old sketch book. The idea has been poking and prodding my mind lately so I'm setting it loose. They almost curl, almost, like if they were leaves or pods and you were keeping an eye on them, on your morning walks, tomorrow they would have that curl and you could slide one on your finger....

When I got home I tossed them on the table, they would make nice chimes.

During dinner I moved them around, stacked them, nested them, imagined wires stringing them together.

These are going to be big fun.

What will they be in the end....?

I can't wait to get them to the studio.
*pokes them*
*they chime back*


Sarah said...

They have such a pretty patina too! Intended? or oxidation?

ami said...

they look like rose petals to me!
love them!

Vicki said...

The pink is somewhat intentional, heated them much hotter than really needed for annealing then quenching in water while Cheeto-orange sometimes gives these great colors. Oxide-patina-sometimes gorgeous colors; technically they are all the same thing!

@Ami-yeah! They keep skittering into little flower formations all on their own...might have to try something along those lines.