Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Fossils!

I had a wonderful opportunity to design some custom pieces for a friend to give to his wife (also a friend). These are fossilized crinoids they found together on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Bob brought me their entire collection just before Thanksgiving to choose and design around, what a treat for me! This is the bracelet I came up with.

I wanted to keep the shapes organic so I free-hand cut out around the stones.

I also wanted to do little windows on the back so you could peek at the backs of the stone, many have crystals and star shaped patterns that I couldn't stand to cover up, even with silver.

Many of the crinoids have holes that go all the way through, this one had not only the hole but a wonderful knobbly texture that had to be included. It's perfect for the transition from bracelet to toggle.


nancyrosetta said...

It's gorgeous!
I wish I could hold it and feel it on my wrist.
What a fabulous present you've made with such a special memory for her. I love the cut outs on the backs too. Vicki, you are amazing!

ami said...

Wow, I would really like to see this one up close! you do have a gift.

Anonymous said...

Oh vic I adore this! I love how organic the cut outs are too, perfecto!!!!!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

This is fabulous Vicki! You should find some of those fossils yourself and make just one into a pendant for the shop. And a ring for me please. ;-)